CAB provides free giveaway activities for students to keep busy during the pandemic


Simpson student picks up a free puzzle from CAB’s weekly take & go.

by Sophie Reese, Staff Reporter

Feeling bored on campus? Simpson College’s Campus Activities Board has got you covered.

Amidst the pandemic,  CAB is providing a way for students to keep busy and entertained every Wednesday in Kent Campus Center with a free giveaway.

CAB president, Courtney Reyna, states the reason why CAB created these giveaways. 

“We want to give them activities to do without creating opportunities for gatherings,” Reyna said.

CAB’s take and go Wednesdays began last semester in Kent, where items were given away to students once a week. These giveaways include things such as crafts and games. CAB will be continuing these giveaways throughout the second semester.

These giveaways were created as a way for students to conquer their boredom during this pandemic since students are not allowed to gather for activities that would have usually occurred in past semesters.

Last semester’s giveaways included items such as a build-your-own terrarium kit and a Lego set. A favorite from last semester had been the slime kit. 

This semester, CAB started strong with new giveaway items, including a coloring book paired with colored pencils. The latest giveaway is a custom-made puzzle with a view of Simpson’s campus.

When CAB plans out their giveaways, they look to be inclusive of all students so that everyone could be able to participate.

“We want to make sure that we’re giving our students something that every student can do,” Reyna said.

“We first and foremost try to make sure that we are giving away something that will be gender-neutral, and anybody can like it,” Reyna said. “We don’t want to be turning away any particular students.”

The giveaways are scheduled from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. in Kent every Wednesday. However, supplies don’t usually last the full two hours that are scheduled. Usually, these giveaways tend to go pretty quickly as lots of students participate.

Sophomore Makayla Baker frequently participates in CAB’s giveaways and expressed her thoughts on these giveaways. 

“I love that they realize us students need a break and give us something fun to do in our downtime,Baker said. “I decided to participate because they sounded like a really fun way to de-stress and relax.”.

Sophomore Derek Maxfield a student who participated in these giveaways, very frequently expressed his initial thoughts when he found out about the weekly giveaways.

“I’m kind of a child at heart, so anything that occupies my mind that’s kind of fun I really enjoy,” Maxfield said.

Maxfield also stated the amount of positivity these giveaways have given him in the middle of the pandemic.

“It’s brought me a lot of joy so far, last semester and this semester.” Maxfield also admitted, “I think as college students, we all love free stuff.”

CAB will continue to have more giveaways this semester and is thinking about doing another round of the custom Simpson puzzles since they were very popular the first time around.