Intramurals end year successfully despite COVID-19 challenges


Photo by Jake Brand

by Matthew Marquez , Staff Reporter

A little over a week is all that is left for intramural sports on campus. Indoor volleyball and badminton have come to an end, with pickleball about to begin. 

Students can escape their daily to-do lists by joining intramurals on campus, which are open to everyone—students, faculty, alumni and staff. 

This fall has been filled with uncertainty, and many students questioned whether intramurals would take place at all this year. Thankfully, the change from orange to yellow and the minimal positive cases on campus early on contributed to campus life, allowing intramurals to occur. 

“I know it was kind of like a getaway for students for sure. Something to do, because we were in orange face for the longest time. So it was nice for people to get out to see people like, interaction, social interaction was so nice,” said Morgan Castenson, staff and office worker for intramurals on campus. 

The pandemic has taught everyone that flexibility is the key to succeeding, being able to adapt and work on the fly has been a big part of the success of intramurals on campus. 

“Then the workers I have to give a shout out to like, always disinfecting, like between games, after, like, when everyone leaves, we would do the fog machine,” said Castenson giving her fellow workers props for their constant hard work this Fall. 

Of course, certain things have needed some adjustment as COVID-19 has called for change not only on campus but everywhere. Smaller groups were put into action for intramurals this year, as indoor volleyball went from having six players on both teams to have only six players on the court altogether. 

All the standard policies that applied to students all semester also applied during the intramural competition. Castenson credits students for continually following protocols.

The turnout this year was a surprise for most as the pandemic threatened to change so much.  That did not stop Mackenzie Dephillips, a junior here at Simpson, from participating in intramurals as she has been a part of the fun every year since her freshman year. 

“I thought Badminton went well and was organized well. Everyone followed Simpsons COVID policies, so I felt safe while still having fun playing. I do feel safe playing intramural sports, and I think that the protocols in play now are working.” said Dephillips. 

With an on-campus student population mainly composed of athletes, Castenson says this causes the intramural staff issues.

“We did not want it to come back on our back being like, intramurals aren’t doing the proper like, protocol or, you know, so I mean, that was, I would say, the biggest challenge, for sure. It’s just like not wanting to ruin it for everyone,” said Castenson. 

The spring is still under discussion for the intramural staff as the new year will bring more insight into how or if intramurals will be held.