Simpson doesn’t need the Campus Pulse


by Peyton Busch, Social Media Editor

In my four years at Simpson College, we have never had an “organized” way to get emails out to students, faculty and staff. Honestly, we are better off without one. 

I, just like any other college student, am subscribed to many different email blasts. I am a  member of multiple groups across campus, and I do care about those specific events. However, I do not care about everything happening on campus. Nobody does. Please stop acting like everybody should know everything that is going on at Simpson and everything that is coming up for the rest of the semester. 

According to the first Campus Pulse email that was sent to the Simpson community, it states that The Campus Pulse was created to be an e-newsletter designed to discuss topics like Presidential messages, daily diversity, equality and inclusivity (DEI) updates and room for announcements from campus groups. We have stopped getting the DEI updates from the college. Diversity is a huge issue on this campus and the college has stopped addressing this topic.

I have spoken to many different students and faculty on this subject and many do not bother to read it. They all have something in common to say about it, and that is that it’s too long. 

The Simpsonian’s Twitter and Instagram pages polled their followers on the question, “Do you read the Campus Pulse?” 119 Twitter followers took the poll. The results were no, with 57.1 percent, what is the Campus Pulse with 24.4 percent, and yes, with 18.5 percent. For Instagram, 85 people took the poll. Seventy-eight percent of the users answered no, and 22 percent said yes.

I get distracted by notifications, my roommates, and many other things throughout the day. I don’t think that I have made it through a whole Campus Pulse newsletter in the past month. They should keep it to the main highlights that are just college events, not every single organization on campus. 

The best solution for the Campus Pulse would be to keep it to Simpson College-sponsored events and limit the email blasts to once a week. I think that student organizations should be allowed to send their emails out to the college themselves so that there is a better chance that students would read the email. It would be less information overall and easier to digest as a whole. 

I appreciate that the Student Government Association still sends out their minutes individually. People do read the minutes that are sent out every week. I fear that if SGA was forced to put their weekly minutes into the Campus Pulse, people would stop reading the weekly minutes and lose their following.

Simpson College’s VP for Enrollment, Deb Tierney, resigned after 40 years of service at Simpson College. The news was placed in the Campus Pulse with everything else that is considered “important.” I think it is very unfair that her resignation article got put there to get overlooked by the student body. 

It is never in the same order, and it is very disorganized. I have had to look at a few different things like a zoom link or an important date that could only be found in the Campus Pulse but it is so hard to find things because it is never in the same order. 

Simpson needs to rethink how they get information in an organized fashion out to the student body without limiting other student organizations on campus.