Simpson provides opportunities for indoor dining


Evan Burley

Blackbox is prepared for COVID dining modifications.

by Sophie Reese, Staff Reporter

Shortly following the new expansion to student’s family units, students are now allowed limited seating options to dine in with their family unit or by themselves in Pfeiffer, Kent and in Black Box Theatre.

 Seating has been set up for family units to eat meals while being physically distant enough from others. Students will also need to disinfect their tables before they sit down and when they leave their table. Disinfecting spray and rags are places throughout these seating arrangements for students to use.

Students are not allowed to move any of the chairs or tables as they have been placed in a specific order to be able to keep a distance of six feet from others and are strictly only allowed to be sitting with their roommates or members of their extended family unit.

With this new addition to the campus comes responsibility.

In an email to all students, Luke Behaunek stated: “Sitting and eating with your expanded family unit will be mostly on the honor system, although we will have staff checking randomly to make sure this option is being used appropriately. Violations of the expectations above may lead to conduct implications, and just like violations of our visitation policies, may result in the loss of ability to have visitors in your rooms.”

Sophomore Lucy Cockrell expressed her thoughts on the new dining room rules. 

“I feel like they’re good, I think the schools being responsible and not putting us altogether too quickly,” Cockrell said. “For that first couple weeks it was like all we could do was sit in our room, we can’t even go eat.”

However, students who live alone on campus are only allowed one person to add to their extended family unit.

Sophomore Melissa Sanchez is a student who is currently living on campus. Sanchez is only allowed one person to her extended family unit. Sanchez expressed her loneliness prior to the new changes.

“I was feeling pretty alone here so it was kind of hard,” Sanchez said. “And since I didn’t want to feel like that then I tried to be like outside all the time.”

Sanchez than explained her thoughts on how students like her on campus should have a little more focus from the administration regarding students who live alone.

 “I think they should like put a little bit more focus on it because I think it feels a little bit more lonely,” Sanchez said.

Sophomore, Max Cleveland, a student who commutes to campus and who does not have a family unit also expressed his feelings towards the new changes.

 “The more social opportunities I have on campus the more happy I’m going to be with my college experience,” Cleveland said.

Cleveland also expressed how he feels commuting students are at a disadvantage regarding being involved in family units.

 “Until it gets expanded more, I still won’t really be able to hang out with most people,” Cleveland said.