The real cost: Cars on campus


Photo by Taylor Hereid

by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

The decision to bring a car Simpson will cost students an extra $150 on top of high tuition. 

In the fall of 2017, the cost to have a car on campus was only $100. The following year the college raised the cost by $50. 

Director of Security Chris Frerichs said, “We look at what other schools that are similar in size with the fees and how long it has been since we had raised the cost.”

Despite this claim, similar schools to Simpson tend to have lower parking fees. Central College charges different fees for different parking lots. If students want a better location on campus, they have to pay more. 

Central College charges $50 for the first-year students as they get the least favored parking sports on campus. Then, they charge $65 for the rest of the students. Central has three different colors for sophomores, juniors and seniors. 

At Buena Vista University, they charge a flat rate of $80 per parking pass.

At Simpson, the first-years have the least desirable locations on campus but still pay the same price other students pay for better locations on campus.

In an email interview with Vice President for Business and Finance Cathy Hoch, she explained more details about parking passes. 

“[Parking fees raise] approximately $125,000 per year,” Hoch said. “The funds pay for parking lot maintenance [paving and painting, cleaning, lighting, clearing of snow/ice, etc.] and also help cover the salaries of the parking monitors.”

Some students don’t have the option to not have a car on campus. Many of the upperclassmen have internship opportunities or full/part-time jobs.

Students used to have the option to rent a car on campus. The cars were located in the Kent parking lot but they are now gone. Uber and other car ride services don’t venture down to Indianola without a huge fee attached to it. These car services will also not pick people up from Indianola.

For now, Simpson students will continue to pay a high parking fee for the right to park on campus.