Club of the week: Simpson College Feminists


Photo by Coby Berg.

by Danielle Blake, Staff reporter

Simpson College Feminists is a student-led organization that works towards awareness, conversation and advocacy on intersectional feminism.

Simpson Feminists meets every other week at 5 p.m in the Women’s and Gender Resource Center.

Meetings are typically discussion-oriented where everyone involved can voice their opinion.

“Usually we have some sort of discussion surrounding issues currently going on in popular culture or more the political sphere relating to women’s equality or women’s issues,” said Casey Spring, a junior political science major.

Spring is also the secretary of Simpson College Feminists. She’s been an active member for the past three years of her college career.

“I really like the environment at the meetings and the culture it produces as a forum and a space to talk about issues that are important to people on campus,” Spring said. “It’s a really good healthy safe space where people feel included, there’s a lot of good ideas and vibes. It’s a good place to make connections with people all across campus you wouldn’t normally meet who have similar interests and passions as you.”

Senior Cheyenne Vanlandingham is a current active member. She is the house manager at the Women’s and Gender Resource House and is a music major with a women and gender studies minor. 

“I enjoy the sense of community, we’re all like-minded people with our own differences,” Vanlandingham said. “At the same time, we all come together to create fabulous things.” 

At the meeting on Nov. 20, Simpson College Feminists will be holding elections for a new vice president. The previous president has recently stepped down, causing current vice president, Evan Burley, to step up.

The Simpson Feminists are also looking to plan more events next semester and have a stronger presence on campus.

Women’s History Month in March will be a highlight for the club. One of the events they’re looking to plan is called “menstrual March madness” according to Vanlandingham. 

Along with plans, members are hoping for more feedback from the campus.

“We’re really trying to look for new ways to engage campus through more events, and we’d like to hear more voices about what people would like to see a feminist group on campus to look like what activities they may like to see or participate in,” Spring said. 

Simpson Feminists will be continuing to meet every other Wednesday, questions can be sent to president Evan Burley via email at [email protected]. You can also follow @simpsonfeminists on Instagram for more information.