Students speak for first time after drug bust


Photo of Clinton Apartments by Tanner Krueger.

by Simpsonian Editorial Staff

*UPDATE: Both students in this story were found not guilty of crimes originally charged.

Two Simpson students have come forward with their sides of the story after they were arrested on drug charges in September. 

Roommates, Romane Armangau and Margaret Flowers, both 21, were charged with multiple offenses that police said took place on the Simpson College campus in Clinton 206.  

Armangau and Flowers were charged with possession of marijuana, possession of another controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of prescription drugs. Armangau also was charged with interference with official acts.  

Armangau was taken into custody and jailed Sept. 7.  

Police said in a report that they responded to an incident at the Clinton Apartments at 2:06 a.m. that day. Police said Simpson College security had tipped off officers that there were drugs in one of the units there. 

Armangau and Flowers said Simpson security was contacted by a community adviser, who was informed by their roommate at the time. 

“From what I heard, (the roommate) went to the bar and she came back, saw the drugs and freaked out. That’s why she called the police,” Armangau said.  

Inside the apartment, police said they found cocaine, 41 prescription pills (Adderall), marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  

Armangau said she had no connection to the drugs and paraphernalia.  

Flowers identified the owners of the drugs as two non-Simpson students, which Armangau said belonged to Flowers’ sister and the sister’s boyfriend.  

“That night Maggie invited her sister and the sister’s boyfriend to come over because they were supposed to go to a music festival, but their car broke down,” Armangau said.  

Armangau said she has been falsely accused. She was spending time with friends in Washington Apartments on Simpson’s campus when she learned that police were in her room.  

“I was like — I should probably go and see what’s happening there,” she said. “I went there, and the police told me they found drugs. I think they immediately thought the stuff was mine, and I wasn’t really being cooperative because I was drunk.” 

Police said Armangau tried to run from the scene while officers searched the apartment. Police said they caught up with and arrested her. 

Armangau contested the police account. “I was just trying to go outside to get some air, because the situation was stressful and they arrested me,” she said. 

But the police report claimed Armangau, once placed in a police car, was kicking and “slamming” herself in the back seat.  

Police said Armangau was released later the same day after passing a mandatory drug-abuse evaluation.  

Flowers was absent when police searched the apartment and could not be found for several days. The police reported seeing a Snapchat of Flowers stating she refused to return until the cops were gone. 

She was arrested on Sept. 12.

“I didn’t want to go back that night,” Flowers said. “I was staying with the non-Simpson students because they were a little freaked out about the whole thing, and I just wanted to calm them down. I also did not want to talk to the police without a lawyer.” 

According to the police report, a witness said Flowers has a history of drug possession and drug use. The prescription pills found in the apartment were filled in Rock Island, Ill., Flowers’ home address. Flowers said the drugs belonged to the non-Simpson students. 

“They were in our apartment, so we have to take responsibility for it,” Flowers said. “In the student handbook, the policy says you are responsible for your guest.” 

The Simpson Student Handbook states, “You are responsible for the conduct of your guests when they are present in your room, apartment, or building. If you intend to have visitors or guests in the hall, be aware that you may be subject to disciplinary action because of their behavior.” 

The handbook also says, “The College prohibits possession, use or distribution of marijuana or any other illegal substance, use of prescribed medications used by someone else, or used in a manner not consistent with the prescription. Any student known to be possessing, using or distributing drugs is subject to College disciplinary action and arrest, imprisonment or fine according to state law.” 

Indianola police filed three criminal complaints against Flowers on Sept. 8. Warren County District Judge Brendan Greiner issued a warrant for her arrest on Sept 10.  

After her arrest, Flowers was released after another Simpson student posted her $3,300 bond in cash.  

Armangau and Flowers said they are upset over the circumstances of the incident.  

Flowers said she and Armangau both are on disciplinary probation and could face expulsion.  

“One more strike and it leads to expulsion,” Flowers said. “I am also applying to grad schools right now, (so) hopefully the charges get dropped.” 

Armangau is a French citizen, and she said she could be deported or sentenced to jail. 

“It depends what the judge will decide,” Armangau said. 

If Armangau is expelled from Simpson, she would have to stay in jail until her trial. 

Flowers’ trial is set for Nov. 5. Armangau has a pretrial hearing set for Oct. 15 and is scheduled for trial in November.