Ask Millie: Changed Chelsey


Dear Millie,

My parents and I have never really gotten along. We argued all throughout high school because I wasn’t doing what they wanted.

Since I’ve been at college, I’ve decided to change my major. My parents really wanted for me to become a doctor, but I was really struggling in my science classes. I decided to change my major to something I actually enjoyed and was good at instead of what my parents wanted me to do.

I’m not sure how to go about telling them that I changed my major. I know that they’re going to be extremely angry at me saying that I’ve ruined my future. I won’t be getting paid as much as if I had become a doctor. How do I tell them that I’ve changed my major without it damaging my relationship with my parents even more?


Changed Chelsey


Dear Changed Chelsey,

Talking to your parents about this isn’t going to be easy. I would tell both of them you have something important to tell them. Get them in a room together and tell them to listen to you before they start to get mad.

Tell your parents how you weren’t cut out to be a doctor and how much happier and better equipped you are for your new major. They may not be happy with your decision, but they just want the best for you. Your parents think making money is the best way for you to do that.

Remember that you’re now doing something that you love and are good at. Nobody wants to be stuck at a job they hate for the rest of their lives.

Yours Truly,