Ask Millie: Stunk In A Funk


Dear Millie,

I’ve been having difficulties with stress lately. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed by college and work. I just want to crawl into bed and not have to deal with everything. I’ve been finding it hard to find the motivation to get things done just because of how much stuff I have to get done.

I thought that this semester would be better than the last, but I am still feeling overwhelmed. On really bad days I just sit in my room and cry.

How should I handle all this stress in a healthy way? Is college right for me? Help me Millie!


Stuck In A Funk


Dear Stuck In A Funk,

If your feeling so stressed that you’re crying and rethinking college I would go see one of the school counselors. They can help you figure out what’s bothering you. They can give you ways to overcome your stress and find healthy ways to deal with it.

You may also be overextending yourself. Take a look at everything you’re doing and cut back where you can. If you’re taking 19 credits and are in a bunch of clubs and sports, you’re going to feel incredibly stressed. Learn how to say no to things and cut back. 

Remember that your mental health is the most important thing here. You can’t function effectively without having mental clarity. Go see one of the counselors for your own health.

Yours Truly,