Ask Millie: Politic Polly


Dear Millie,

My friend and I have been getting into political arguments lately with everything happening with the caucuses. I don’t like the candidate she is supporting. She isn’t a fan of who I am supporting either.

We argue quite a bit about which candidate is better. We don’t always say the nicest things to each other.

I still want to get along with her, but we just cannot see eye to eye politically. What should I do?


Politic Polly


Dear Politic Polly,

You need to realize that you and your friends are not always going to have the same views. It is OK to talk civilly with each other and discuss and listen to other opinions. Yelling at each other isn’t going to make anyone change their opinions.

It’s important to not dismiss others views simply because they’re not the same as yours. 

If this doesn’t work out you may have to refrain from bringing up politics around your friend or find someone else that is more accepting of your opinions.

Yours Truly,