“Hug me brotha!” Drake Bell set to perform in Black Box


Drake Bell sign advertising the event in Kent Campus Center.

by Peyton Busch, Staff Reporter

This Friday, Sept. 13th at 8:00 p.m., Drake Bell will be performing live in the Black Box. Drake Bell is most popularly known for his role on the show “Drake and Josh.” He also made appearances on “The Amanda Show” as Totally Kyle. 

“We felt like a lot of students would connect with him,” senior Caleb Grose, member of CAB, said.

Nickelodeon’s show “Drake and Josh” was a show that most college kids watched when they were younger. After Nickelodeon ended the show in 2007, Bell began to focus on his music career, which he started while acting on “Drake and Josh.”

“I’m super excited for Drake Bell, as ‘Drake and Josh’ was one of my favorite shows growing up,” senior Blake Carlson said. 

Bell’s music won the Kids Choice Award for Best Male Singer in 2007, defeating Justin Timberlake. Since 2005, Bell has released three independent music albums; the most recent one in 2014.

The Campus Activities Board and Student Government Association made the decision to reach out to Bell for his music performance. The two campus associations teamed up to settle the payment and organization of the event, along with Rich Ramos, the Activities Director. 

“In all honesty, I don’t know much about him, other than I know he sings and he was on ‘Drake and Josh.’ I remember watching it when my daughter would watch it. Other than that, it was the students who made the decision.” Ramos said.