Ask Millie: Conflicted Caty


Dear Millie,

My roommate and I have been having difficulties getting along. She’s always at her girlfriend’s place or her girlfriend is in our room. When her girlfriend is over, they are constantly all over each other, not caring if I’m in the room or not. I feel like I can’t be in the room when they’re around. She also never warns me when her girlfriend is coming over.

I’ve told her multiple times that I don’t like them being so intimate with each other at our place all the time and also to tell me when she’s coming over. She responded by telling me to “deal with it.” It’s only been a few weeks into the school year, but I’m already fed up with her. What should I do?


Conflicted Caty



Dear Conflicted Caty,

Having a roommate that doesn’t respect your wishes is not fun. You shouldn’t feel like you’re not allowed in your own room.

If you haven’t already talked to your CA I would talk to them now. Explain your problem to them and they should make the two of you have a roommate meeting. This can force your roommate to have to listen to you. Your CA will also be able to help referee the conversation and make sure nothing gets out of hand.

If that doesn’t work, I would try and continue to meet with your CA to sort out the problem. You could also encourage your roommate to stay over at her girlfriends place more when they want to hang out. Try spending as little time in the room as possible when their around. The less your in your room the less you’ll be bothered by them.

When all else fails, you can try and switch roommates at semester or cross your fingers and hope that their relationship doesn’t last. 

Yours Truly,