New club is walkin’ and rollin’


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

by Ty Duve, Director of Marketing

A new club has been added to Simpson College’s roster of organizations to get students up and moving: the Walking Club.

“It’s a great way to start your day,” said senior Taylor Harper, a member of Walking Club. “Everyone there brings a great, positive energy that I look forward to. I love it and encourage everyone to try it out at least once.”

Senior exercise science major Jacob Becker decided to introduce the club to Simpson after visiting the American College of Sports Medicine Summit conference with the Simpson College Exercise Science Club last spring.

While attending the ACSM Summit, Becker participated in a high-intensity walking session.

“I learned how beneficial walking is, not only for physical health, but for mental and social health as well,” he said.

The Walking Club meets at 9 a.m. on Saturdays. In the fall, the club will meet in between Kent Campus Center and Kresge Hall and walk outside. During rain and winter months, the club will meet near the upstairs fitness center and program workouts for the gym.

Becker said he hopes to challenge the members and create a sense of community with these workouts.

“Each member should work to push themselves and others, while building the positive group dynamic,” he said.

According to a University of Arizona study, there are multiple benefits to walking, including stress reduction, better sleep and more energy. Everyone can benefit from walking.

Fifteen students showed up to walk at a late-September walking session. Junior Harrison Smith was one of them.

“As an active person who works out a lot, I joined Walking Club to support those who are trying to bridge the gap between working out at a high-intensity on a regular basis and a sedentary lifestyle,” he said.

“Walking Club is a lower-intensity activity,” said Smith. “It is great first step for those who want to make fitness part of their daily life.”