Summer campus living still popular option among students


Photo: Tanner Krueger/The Simpsonian

by Noah Sacco, Special to The Simpsonian

Despite a change in summer housing costs for student workers, many Simpson College students are still choosing to live on campus during the summer to remain close to their activities, according to data from residence life.

Over the past years, there has been a steady spike in students applying for summer housing. During the summer of 2017, the numbers reached a new high for Simpson.

The summer housing rate is set to be $12 per day. However, students who have an on-campus job won’t receive a discounted rate as has been provided to student workers in the past.

Given the rising costs and limited capacity associated with housing, we decided to remove the discount for on-campus employees, which encompassed only a minority of summer housing students, instead of raising the rate for all,” said dean of students Luke Behaunek. “Tracking who had the discount and for what portion of the summer was difficult at times, so the move also simplified things for both students and the college.”

Since residence life is still receiving applications, the staff is unsure how many total students will stay on campus this summer; however, they anticipate the number to be between 100–130 students.

Although the discount will no longer be offered, some of the resources on campus such as the fitness center, library and occasionally the dining hall will still be available to student residents.

Students living on campus for the summer will reside in Clinton Apartments. Though it’s only one building, Behaunek said the housing is lease-free and the proximity of the apartments is beneficial to students.

“The location on campus is likely near a student’s job, internship or activities,” Behaunek said. “Students have a hard time finding housing that matches our location and flexibility of dates.”

Senior and elementary education major Katie Brolsma said she enjoyed this aspect of the summer housing when she lived on campus during the summer of 2017.

“It was nice not having to move my things more than once since we just stayed in our room the previous year,” Brolsma said. “I didn’t have any issues, and whenever I needed something fixed, maintenance was there in a timely fashion.”

Brolsma worked for Indianola Child Care and filled in at the fitness center when she was needed.

As more students apply for summer internships and jobs, summer housing at Simpson continues to give students an opportunity to explore their interests and flourish within the Indianola community.

The priority deadline to apply for summer housing was April 13. However, if space is still available, the college will accept final deadline applications by May 11.