Crimson Anchor coffee shop: roasting fresh since June 2017


Photo: Austin Hronich/The Simpsonian

by Jonathan Facio, Layout Editor

Unless you’re Anthony Bourdain or are willing to spend a fortune, the splendors of the world may seem out of reach. However, if you like coffee and want a little taste of the world, look no further than Indianola’s Crimson Anchor coffee shop.

The coffee in Crimson Anchor comes from a variety of regions: Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, México, Indonesia, Guatemala, Burundi, Costa Rica, Panama and Tanzania. “It’s all roasted right here in Indianola,” said Crimson Anchor owner and operator, David Wall.

Crimson Anchor has been around since June of 2017. Wall said he started the business with a couple friends who left to become missionaries.

As he spoke, Wall continued making a drink for a woman who had ordered a few moments ago.

“I decided to open up to a full-blown shop, making drinks, espresso, French press, et cetera,” said Wall, pausing to hand the woman her drink.

“I just liked coffee for a long time and wanted to learn more about it. I ended up going to Detroit where my son lives and learned from a roaster there,” he said.

Wall’s love for coffee prompted him to open a retail store. “I love every minute of it,” he said.

Wall said he’s glad to have support from the Indianola community. “I know a lot of people here, and they help with supporting me. I do a lot of stuff through church organizations, and I belong to a church here, New Heights,” Wall said.

He said he wants to show people what drinking a cup of freshly roasted coffee is like, and would like to see more people from Simpson stop in. He’s also hoping to expand his business to hold room for more customers and events.

“I’m outgrowing this little spot,” he said. For the new location, he’s looking for a building that can seat around 50 to 60 people to hold Crimson Anchor’s expanding clientele.

Wall said he plans on having live music and food, including catering and barbecue.

Crimson Anchor is currently located at 103 West Salem Ave., Suite B on the Indianola Square. The shop is open Monday and Tuesday mornings, with extended evening hours Wednesday through Saturday.