Our View: Why you should quit your New Year’s resolution


It’s almost three weeks into 2018, and chances are that ambitious resolution you made on Jan. 1 has already been shot in the face.

Every year, we inevitably start expecting the best from ourselves. This will be the year we get all A’s, work out every day or finally kick a bad habit.

Could it be that by setting the bar so high, we’re setting ourselves up for failure? If you don’t work out at all and commit to making it a daily activity, you’re going from zero to 100 real quickly, no transition involved.

It’s like quitting smoking cold turkey. Sure, you know some people who managed to do it just fine. It might have been a struggle at first, but they persevered. More often than not, though, it wasn’t long before they were back to their old ways.

It’s time to give up resolutions altogether. Why wait for the new year to make changes when every day is an opportunity to make those same changes?

Experts would argue otherwise, but maybe your goal doesn’t need to be specific. For example, choose a word to define your year. Try. Explore. Create. Something simple to give you direction as you go through the year.

Call them what you will: resolutions, goals, aspirations. We’re all just trying to do better and be better.