Editorial: Another page of shame in the history books

by Andrea Casaretto, Special To The Simpsonian

The news of President Donald Trump’s latest executive order didn’t fully hit me until Saturday afternoon.

I knew it was coming because Trump had preached discrimination against Muslims as though it were a new addition to the Gospels.

I saw that #MuslimBan was trending and decided to check out what was going on there, and the first thing I saw was a photo of a crowd and a man holding a sign that said something along the lines of “Jews will stand for Muslims.”

I started to just cry because here we are with millions of people trying to escape war just as the Jewish Europeans had to, and they are being rejected. To me “Never again,” is a lie anymore.

All I’ve been picturing is what violence I’ve seen in the documentaries on Syria.

People who’ve watched their entire family die, and they just want to get away so that they have a hopeful chance at a safe life. I’m not familiar much with the conflicts in the other banned countries, but I have met people from Somalia and Sudan.

I thank God that they made it to this country, they are all kind people who deserve the life they’ve been able to build… But what of their family members who didn’t make it yet?

This order is shameful and unjust.

It goes against our Constitution, as far as I can tell. And I will be one to go as far as to say it is against Judeo-Christian values (that so many Americans pride themselves on).

Rather than helping the meek, we are kicking them down even further. This is not what we are supposed to do!

If it were a ban on Asians, a ban on Jews, or anyone else, my opinion wouldn’t change; being a Muslim like the people being banned doesn’t make me feel stronger about it.

However, as a Muslim, I do feel a fiery passion about fighting against oppression. That is part of my faith, and I stand against this ban with my faith in mind. I won’t stop speaking out, I won’t hide away, and I’ll never stop believing that every human being is more than worthy of dignity and a happy life.

Andrea Casaretto is a junior studying international relations, religion and French at Simpson College.