Editorial: SC Republicans place emphasis on down-ballot contests


by Stacey Post, Special to The Simpsonian

This year’s campaign season has been different from many others in recent history. The primary process created intraparty rifts for both the Democrats and the Republicans. As the chair of Simpson College Republicans, it has been my responsibility to unite and help our group of students get behind a common goal.

Throughout the primary process, SC Republicans attended several individual candidate events as well as larger “cattle call” events sponsored by groups like the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. We encouraged students to support their candidate of choice and did not endorse any candidate. Instead, we welcomed every campaign to hold an event on campus or in Indianola.

During the primary process and convention, SC Republican leadership unanimously concluded that the group should take a larger view of the election and focus on supporting every GOP candidate.

We support students that have chosen to vote for Trump, but we understand that not all members of the organization agree. We have worked diligently to provide internship opportunities and introduced ways for students to interact with politics and politicians, both for those who support Trump and those who do not.

Regardless of how students feel about the top of the ticket, we encourage you not to stay home on Election Day. Voting is one of the most important ways we can share how we feel about the direction of the nation, state, county and city.

Whether you vote or not, the government will have influence over you. It is to your direct benefit to add your voice. Many races, especially state level and lower, are decided by differences of very few votes.

Even if you feel like your vote is inconsequential, every vote truly does matter. People in other countries must fight constantly for their right to vote, not to mention some groups fighting for decades to gain voting rights in the United States. It is only fair that you not ignore your opportunity to vote in a democratic environment in which it is safe to vote for the candidate you support.

SC Republicans understands that the GOP includes a huge number of voters and as many opinions, so we are doing the best we can to be as inclusive as possible. As a result, instead of placing our organization’s focus at the top of the ticket, we are putting as much effort as possible into down-ballot contests that need our help. Specifically, we have chosen to focus on retaining the majority in the Iowa House and gaining the majority in the Iowa Senate.

Just as one vote makes a difference, so does an hour of door knocking or phone banking. A few of our members have been door knocking in several areas of the state for some incredible Iowa Senate candidates, both challengers and incumbents, that support fiscal responsibility, excellent healthcare outcomes for Iowans, and returning to our previous first-in-the-nation ranking in education. We also have students volunteering their time and effort to support Senator Grassley and Congressman Young in their respective campaigns.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in:

– An internship with the Republican Party of Iowa working to elect Donald Trump and other GOP candidates in Warren and Madison counties
– Phone banking for Iowa Senate candidates (on campus, meal provided)
– Traveling with us to door knock for Iowa Senate candidates in districts 8 (Council Bluffs), 26 (Osage, Charles City, Cresco), 32 (Waverly, Independence, Oelwein), 34 (Cedar Rapids, Marion) or 36 (Marshalltown, Tama). Every Saturday and multiple trips during the week available, T-Shirt provided. Even knocking doors once can be a great help.