Editorial: Sodexo management proves helpful, significant work left to be done


by Blake Willadsen, Layout Editor

No issue on this campus seems to bring out more bitter feelings than mediocre campus dining services. The reintroduction of Sodexo dining services after a five-year hiatus has brought a breath of fresh air to the otherwise stale food culture on campus.

From the beginning it was apparent we would see Sodexo’s concerted effort to change the look of Simpson dining. Attention to detail seemed to be lacking in the past few semesters. Hours have changed to allow students access to both Pfeiffer Dining Hall and Tyler’s Grille on weekends. This has given in-season athletes and other busy students variety and a speedy on-campus alternative to the understaffed and overcrowded Tyler’s.

Pfeiffer has seen many small changes implemented, with an improved focus on sustainability and reducing waste. Gluten-free options are staying well stocked and have slightly expanded. Expanded cereal, tea and drink and salad bar options are a nice touch. Other small adjustments include the introduction of new menu options, a breakfast option at Tyler’s and better ingredients across the board as well (most notably the new fries).

But there is still plenty of work to be done.

At times lines are unavoidable and often make the meal unenjoyable. At times this is understandable, but it seems that resources can be moved around to remedy high traffic during peak times.

Other more unsettling stories have been circulating that should not be tolerated. Reports of bugs in food and expired products being served are unsettling but not quite as surprising as they should be.

The bar has been set relatively low, but the student body should not just accept this as fact. These issues cannot go unnoticed, and as customers, we need to find a way to ensure complaints are heard; whether that be through social media or reaching out to your student government representatives.

Anything less will surely bring another five years of mediocrity.

It will be important that students continue to push for change at dining services on both a micro and macro level. With talks of new venues possibly being introduced next academic year, it is important that students make their opinion known. So keep that in mind the next time you find yourself waiting 40 minutes for a burger at Tyler’s.