OUR VIEW: Enjoy what you can


by the Editorial Board

Spring semester is coming to a close, and while that’s exciting, let’s all admit that it’s also terrifying and stressful.

Another school year is almost over, and we can’t wait to either start our summers or enjoy play term – or May term– without the burden of overwhelming coursework.

That sounds good and all, but we have to get through the next few weeks first. Next week is dead week, then finals, then graduation for the seniors out there.

The next few weeks involve tests and stress, papers and parties, finals and farewells.

Saying goodbye to your roommate of four years is probably weighing you down just as much – if not more – than the final you need to ace to complete your major.

The classes and work sound stressful enough, but we can’t forget the mental and emotional toll the next few weeks will take beyond the classroom.

Some advice from one student to another: Enjoy what you can.

It sounds cheesy to say, “Enjoy the little things,” but that is essentially what we’re saying.

The next time you trudge into Pfeiffer for a brunch day with the roommates, take an extra second to enjoy the company you keep. Whether or not you’ll be back at Simpson in the fall, things are going to change.

Freshmen will become sophomores and finally have a little street cred to pull on campus. The move from Barker to Buxton means a lot, so don’t let anyone dismiss the underclassman experience.

Sophomores will become juniors who can finally enjoy apartment life and the perks of turning 21 soon. Don’t resent those dorm parties or late night drive-thru runs because you can’t get into the bars yet. The bars are cool, but the people you’re with matter more than the location.

For the juniors who enter their final year at Simpson next year, get ready for the best and worst year of college so far. You get all the perks, including good housing choices, legal to drink, first pick of classes and the overall respect that comes with seniority.

But the low points come, too. Senior seminar courses will kick your butt 10 ways to Sunday, but you’ll survive. Roommates will drive you crazy, but you’ll survive. Kent will still have long lines and cruddy service, but you’ll survive.

To the seniors, it’s been a good ride. Even if it seems like everyone has it together except you, that’s just not true. We’re all stumbling a little bit out of the blocks, but again, we’ll all survive.

Working a basic, boring job for a couple of years until you make the next step is a perfectly good choice. No one has it all together, and if they say they do, it’s a straight-up lie.

Just enjoy the next few weeks because it’s all we have left. Enjoy the end of spring semester, and enjoy all that Simpson has to offer.

The alma mater tells us to flaunt the red and gold. So if you’ve got it, flaunt it.