Pulling the plug on mass e-mails

by Jessica Savage

A new Web site may help Simpson students sort through their mass e-mails and even hold discussions with other students, faculty and administration on a variety of topics.

Sophomore Matt Edwards took notice of all the complaints about mass e-mails through the Simpson e-mail system. He found a bulletin board service on the web where he independently set up a forum that all students and staff can access. The new website can be found at http://worldcrossing.com/[email protected]@.eefda07.

“I always thought about setting up the site and since people were complaining about mass e-mails, I went ahead,” said Edwards.

Edwards is the forum owner and administrator and uses the name “Storm Kat.” He generally checks to make sure inappropriate material is not being posted at the site.

The site itself contains five categories where emails can be accessed: a welcome, general, clubs and organizations, national issues, and lost and found. Students can post a message when a club will meet and all students have the chance to see that email if they so choose to.

No one is obligated to use the site and if a student does, he or she will not have to hassle with deleting junk mail. Students have the opportunity to click on only the messages they see as important. Anyone can be a guest user at the site or register as a new member.

Although Edwards has had hundred of hits for the site, only a few students have taken the opportunity to post a message.

“It could be a viable medium if students would use it,” said Edwards.

Sophomore Josh Brown posted a message on the site pertaining to used books.

“I think if enough students used it, it would be awesome,” Brown said. “It’s a good tool for students and would drastically cut down on mass e-mails.”

I think it’s a useful idea. Most students just delete mass e-mails. I think once the word got out about this, people would use it,” said junior Sandy Beattie, who has not used the Web site.

For now, the site is independent of Simpson and includes the disclaimer “This is an unofficial forum. In no way is it affiliated with Simpson College.”

Chuck Johnson, academic software specialist for the College, said that Simpson is considering setting up a new e-mail system where only official business e-mails would be accessible. Club meetings and other items would be directed to another list. The site is still a small idea until Simpson can figure out exactly what they want to do.

Edwards, who spent only a few hours creating the site, said he hopes students know there is something else out there for them to use besides the Simpson e-mail system.

Edwards said, “The Web site is for the benefit of everyone. Hopefully students will take a moment to check out the site and post a message.”