Reser right at home with Simpson

by Allison Hay

New faculty member Erin Reser knows exactly when she knew Simpson would be the place for her to teach.

“As soon as I talked to Brian Steffen, I knew that I would love it here, and once I got here, it just reinforced it,” she said.

Reser, who is just one of the seven new faculty members at Simpson this year, has signed on as the assistant professor for speech and rhetoric.

Courses that Reser teaches at Simpson are interpersonal communication, introduction to human communication, public speaking: strategies in human communication and argumentation and rhetoric.

Reser lived in Colorado for the majority of her life and taught as a graduate student for both Colorado State University and the University of Utah (where she received her doctorate) before relocating to Iowa.

Reser said that she is a laid-back teacher, and that she likes to make learning a fun experience.

“I’m not afraid to share scary and funny stories with my students,” she said.

Although Reser likes to have a good time she also encourages students to actively participate in class discussions.

“I want students to be able to speak their minds in class,” she said.

Reser has only been teaching at Simpson for a short time, but it didn’t take her long to develop a bond with her students.

Senior Rachel Humphrey, who is enrolled in Reser’s interpersonal communication course, said that Reser is always a lot of fun in class and is willing to assist students whenever it is needed.

“I once asked her if I could have help after class and she told me that the door is always open,” said Humphrey.

Senior Nathan Foley, who is also taking interpersonal communication with Reser, agrees.

“She’s very enthusiastic and always makes class interesting,” he said. “She fits right into Simpson, like she’s been here for a long time.”

Reser feels just as positively about the Simpson Community as those within it do about her.

“Everyone [at Simpson] is every friendly,” she said. “It seems like the students actually want to be here, instead of their parents making them come here.”

Although many miles separate Reser from her sister in Bellingham, Wash. and her parents in Carbondale, Colo., she said that she still maintains a close relationship with her family.

“I credit my family for how far I’ve gotten in my life, due to both their love and financial support.”