He Said/She Said

by Next In Line

Dear He Said/ She Said,

I stayed here this summer to take classes, but my boyfriend went home to farm with his dad. I found a great job in Des Moines and coincidentally I worked with several older, attractive and successful men. I found it hard to resist the temptation of a stable man who puts his attention on me and soon forgot about my PS2 playing boyfriend who racks up debt, and believes a great date is a night at Lorraine perfecting a beer bong. Do I ditch my boyfriend of one year and pursue the older man or hope that PS2 is only a fad?

~Next in Line

Dear Next in Line,

First of all, good job on finally realizing that you needed to find something to do with yourself, now that your boyfriend has found a hobby to occupy his time.

It seems like you both discovered ways to get out of this relationship without anybodyís help. Just because youíve been together for a year, doesnít necessarily mean you should subject yourself to a meaningless and pointless relationship. So, congratulations on finally catching up with him.

So youíve also found a hobby for yourself. Good for you! Now ditch the loser with his Playstation II and continue to pursue your sugar daddy. He is obviously not worth your time. If he cannot give you the happiness you deserve in a relationship, then you should definitely set him loose.

Hello! Do I need to spell it out? Your sugar daddy has a stable job; he is obviously a focused person and knows what he wants. So, go ahead and leave the immature boyfriend and start thinking about pursuing the older guy.


Dear Next in Line,

As tempting as an older, more experienced and intellectual man may be, there has to be some reason youíve stuck with your current boyfriend for so long. Although older men can provide better emotional support and for lack of a better term be a virtual sugar-daddy you have to realize that once you are a part of this older gentlemanís life thatís it. You will become his life, and more than likely there will be no turning back to your current boyfriend when your sugar-daddy leaves you because of your less than comparable maturity level. Remember, even the older man had to start somewhere- maybe ten years ago he was sitting in a trashy easy-chair with his buddies playing the latest video games.

If you choose the older man be mindful that your group of friends would probably change and the random drunken escapades at The Zoo could become a thing of the past. If you were not ready to leave this life of fun and friends behind for the older man, why would you expect your current boyfriend to give up the same for you? Youíre only young once and college is a time to enjoy yourself before youíre forced to grow up. Be ready for the changes that may tag along with the older man. If youíre ready for the seriousness an older man would bring to the relationship and youíre completely ready to ìburn the bridgeî with your current boyfriend- take the plunge!

Until you make your final decision donít be afraid to talk with your boyfriend about this issue and maybe he will realize what he has, and what heís been taking for granted!

Just remember that the grass always seems greener on the other side!

~ Andrea McNamara