He said/She said

by Vista and Andrea

Dear He Said/She Said,

I am first-year student and have been seeing this guy for atleast 2 months now. I’ve just found out that he’s done stuff withseveral people (mostly girls) in the past. He also claims that helikes to sleep with me more than he does girls. The fact that hesleeps with girls and then brings his possibly syphilis infectedself to me really repulses me. I like him but I don’t know what todo. This really bothers me. Should I tell him to take a hike?


Caught in the mix

Dear Caught In the Mix,

First of all, I’d gather all the facts from the horse’s mouth.Hearsay is not always true no matter the source.

If it’s true, you should definitely tell him to take a hike.Cheating of any kind should never be tolerated. Not only did hecheat on you, he also kept a secret that is valuable to thestrength and development of your relationship. What else is beingkept from you? Doesn’t that make you wonder? It should.

Obviously this is a one-sided relationship. You’re pouring outyour feelings to him and his are evidently being “poured” to therest of the nation, no matter the gender. That is not an idealrelationship.

Find someone who values you personally and will understand themeaning of monogomy.

Save yourself from projected misery before it’s too late!


Dear Caught in the Mix,

You deserve a lot better than this infected cheater. Don’t sellyourself short by dating someone that’s not completely committed toyou. Talk with “Mr. Syphilis” and give him one last chance toredeem himself. Ask him if he’s going to settle down and commit toyou and just you, if he’s un-sure and doesn’t want to commit toanything tell him to take a hike. Find someone that is deserving ofyou. If he’s decided that girls are a thing of the past for himmaybe you can somehow reach a compromise after getting tested andtreated, but again- you deserve a lot better than that. If it wereme in your shoes I’d keep my options open and forget about your”syphilitic” ex. There are a lot of guys out there, and you don’tknow what you could miss out on while your wasting your time with”Mr. Syphilis.” Good luck and remember- don’t settle for less thanwhat you deserve.