Ghosts, goblins, campus ready for Halloween

by Brittany Allison

As darkness consumes the earth earlier everyday and the ghoulsof the underworld become ready to emerge, students are beginning toprepare for the carnage that will follow shortly. Rumor has it thatsoon Mildred will be making her rounds, haunting students oncampus.

On the night before Halloween, Simpson will be presenting “TheTales of the Whispering Maples.” This is a night for students tohear the scary stories that Simpson has collected over the years.These include tales of the supposedly haunted buildings and thefrequently hushed history of Mildred. For all those curious aboutsuch stories, this will be a great opportunity to learn more aboutthe haunting of Simpson College. It will take place at 7 p.m. onOct. 30 in College Hall.

This year Simpson will also be continuing the long heldtradition of Safe Block. Every Halloween, Simpson provides a safeplace for children from surrounding areas to visit and receivecandy. Residence halls participate in this ritual by decoratingtheir floors with festive, spooky decorations for the small,costumed visitors. Some floors are also holding contests for themost creatively decorated doors.

To become involved with the festivities being presented for thisspooky holiday, students were given the opportunity to sign up withtheir resident assistant. They were then assigned to a room wherethey will be giving the kids candy. Some students in the past haveeven gone as far as to dress in their favorite costume.

“The idea of Safe Block is a great way for Simpson students toreach out to the community, and it is also an awesome opportunityfor children in the community to have a fun, safe Halloween,” saidsophomore Becka Neary, resident assistant in Kresge Hall.

Following the festivities of Safe Block, the Residence HallAssociation will be holding a costume party in the Great Hall,above Pfeiffer Dining Hall. Students are encouraged to attend intheir favorite costume.

Some residence halls are also planning activities to tie in withthis holiday. One of these is a scary movie night to be heldbetween Kresge and Barker.

These activities are sure to send chills up the spines of allduring Halloween.