Grill’s express a good idea

by Simpsonian editors

It’s 12:15 and Pfeiffer is packed with frothing herds of students. Worse yet, most are as pushy as hobos eyeing a stray ham sandwich. Why? Everyone craves hot food and thinks if they don’t get it right after class, it will mysteriously disappear. After said food is attained, no tables are to be found, unless the risk of making new friends is going to be taken.

Instead of packing Pfeiffer tighter than a Texas slaughterhouse, students do have the option of eating the same meal at Storm Street Grill with much less of a wait. The lines and crowds of Pfeiffer at rush hour can be avoided, as can the greasy concoctions of the Grill.

Twenty-five to 50 customers a day are needed to keep the Express open. So far, the average is about 18-20.

Signs outside of Pfeiffer alluding to shorter lines and the same food at the Express would probably lure hungry students to BSC for a bite.

It’s basically the same thing without 100 of your closest friends snarling for the last bit of cottage cheese or budmping into you between the crowded tables.