Chamber of Commerce to host Christmas on the Square

by Suzanne Barrett

The Indianola Chambers of Commerce is heading up the 10th yearof Dickens of a Christmas Dec. 5 from 6-8 p.m. on the Indianolasquare. The event is set in the 1800s so those in attendance canexperience an idea of what the Indianola town square looked like atthat time. Foods from the era, such as minced pies and roastedchestnuts, will also be served.

“This will be an opportunity to see the windows around theIndianola square come alive, turning into living windows,” saidTwilla Dillard of the Indianola Chambers of Commerce. “It will havepeople reenacting situations like tea parties and people makingcandy and shoe maker shops.”

This year’s Dickens of a Christmas will mark it’s tenthanniversary. Along with decorations, there will be music groupsevery 30 minutes at nine different areas around the Indianolasquare.

Four Simpson sororities are pitching in.

“[Delta Delta Delta] enjoys being a part of the community so wesing on the square as carolers every year when the event takesplace. It’s just something we like to do to help out the communityand get in the Christmas spirit,” said Becca Jackson, sophomore andmember of Delta Delta Delta. Simpson art students will also bedoing silhouette projects.

There will be no parking from 4 to 9 p.m. Dec. 5 around thesquare, which will be open to pedestrian traffic only. Handicapparking will be available in the east parking lot behind UnionPlanters Bank. The event is open to the public.