Simply Stated

by The Simpson student body

SGA has once again brought shame upon itself. We did not electsenators so that they could elect to vote in secret. Can we findout who voted for this measure (or is that a secret too)? Suchcowards should not be reelected to their positions.

~What the…???

The Senate’s recent decision to bar constituents from the roomduring voting reminds me of third grade when the teacher had us putour heads down before we voted on something in order to avoidhurting anyone’s feelings.

I’d like to say thanks to some of the men on campus, chivalry isnot dead at Simpson.

~Just an Observation

Guess what, someone’s birthday is on Saturday, be there!

In regards the person wondering what the deal is with musicstudents…. I am one and sometimes I find myself wondering thesame thing.

~Wish I knew

Thanks “Track fan” for the support and acknowledgment of trackstars as athletes. I guess we need to be accommodated so often thatwe’re more of a burden than a sport, right? Too bad someone forgotto mention that being a head trainer isn’t a real job. Is it?

~Track Star

It’s so wonderful to go to a school where student teacherrelationships are so emphasized, and then find out that grammarseparates you. When it comes to constructive criticism, post it onyour door, because the doctor is out.

~Dot your I’s and cross your T’s…it’s a dilemma

General Observer:

Before you begin to argue a matter pertaining to religion, askyourself how much you actually know about it. To begin with, DirlamLounge is not the “holy temple.” If someone was selling indulgencesin the sanctuary you might have a legitimate basis for argument.The real explanation as to why you are incorrect would take moreinformation than can be presented here, but I encourage you tosearch out a religion professor on campus and ask them thedifference between Holy Grounds and the money changers of old. Youjust don’t know enough about this “Bible story” to present a goodpoint. If you have taken the time to listen to a Bible story suchas this, I encourage you to learn more about it so that you canspend your time enjoying the life that God has given us, instead ofcomplaining about things you don’t understand. God bless…

~On what grounds?