Kresge community cares

Kresge community cares

by Kelly Sander

Domestic violence victims in Indianola will benefit from KresgeHall’s womens clothing donations to The Clothing Closet.

According to senior Tiffini Steele, who helped with thecollection process, 186 pieces of clothing were collected. TheClothing Closet is located off of the square and is a resource forwomen and children.

“I try to pick out programs that can relate to everybody,” saidAndrea McNamara, resident assistant for Kresge Hall. “It was areally well accepted program because it’s different and they (theresidents) took it to be their own.”

RA’s are responsible for coming up with 50 programs for theirresidents. This can include activities such as beauty and movienights or putting up new door decorations.

“Everyone has old or extra clothes,” said McNamara. “It was moreof a question of, why not?”

Sophomore Tiffany Rink helped by making posters to promote theclothing drive.

“We wanted one article a person,” said Rink.

The goal was to have at least 200 pieces of clothing, about onearticle of clothing per person in Kresge.

According to freshman Mara Brettner, there was a box about thesize of a dorm-sized refrigerator that was packed full of clothingthat had been donated.

Clothes were collected Jan 3 through Jan. 7.

Brettner helped collect pieces of clothing.

“I thought it was a nice thing to do,” said Brettner.