MP3 players are very convenient

MP3 players are very convenient

by Becka Neary

Faculty members and students alike have storage capacity, easydownloading, and portability on the mind when searching for theperfect MP3 player.

Depending on ones digital music lifestyle there are manychoices. But before purchasing there are a few tips one needs toknow.

When purchasing a MP3 player, there are some things that shouldbe kept in mind. The following five tips are from

The first thing a potential buyer should do is understand devicetypes. Flash Memory Devices are the smallest and lightest MP3players, with no moving parts the perfect choice for jogging orworking out. However, they also have the least storage capacity.Some have as little as 32MB, a mere handful of songs. Betterchoices have a minimum of 64MB resident memory.

Another thing to keep in mind is that bit rate equals soundquality. The importance of bit rate depends on the type of playerand its intended use. The higher the bit rate, the better the soundquality.

Buyers should remember to choose their features wisely. Featuresrange from built-in FM tuners and remote control on portables tosophisticated file management systems.

Understanding the software is also important when consideringthe purchase of a player. MP3 players generally come with rippingsoftware, or encoders, which allows the user to convert music intoMP3 files. Some programs are easy to use and will transfer justabout anything, while others are complicated.

Finally, remember the human factor. Touch the player: pick itup, push its buttons, read the display, and program it just as youwill when you own it. This allows the potential buyer to learn thebasics of the machine and know how compatible they are.

For many students, portability plays an large factor inpurchasing a MP3 player. Traveling, working out, or transportingfrom one place to another are the reasons many people believe thatthe more compact the better. Most MP3 players weigh 4-6 ounces.

Sophomore Hannah Elkin uses her MP3 player when working out.

“CD’s were not jog proof, and my roommate suggested I look intoan MP3 player,” she said. “My MP3 player doesn’t skip when Irun.”

“I wanted a MP3 player with a lot of storage capabilities thatwas small and compact” said sophomore Scott Ellens.

Another common desire for many who are searching for the perfectMP3 player is the amount of storage capabilities and accessibledownloading. Apple’s iPod is a popular choice when wanting easydownloading.

Erin Reser, professor of communications, has been interested inpurchasing an iPod.

“I considered an MP3 player, but iTunes has a much bettervariety,” said Reser.

According to, the iTunes Music Storefeatures hundreds of thousands of songs from major music companiesand lets you quickly find, purchase and download the music you wantfor just $.99 per song.

Some find it easier not to download and instead transfer alreadyowned CD’s to their MP3 players.

“It is hard to set up with your computer to download so I justuse CD’s I already own,” said Ellens.

If price is an issue, check out for freeshipping. Also, at, students receive 10percent off of their purchase, which will usually cover most of theshipping and handling costs.

“It is a great investment,” said junior Lindsey Ingles. “Youdon’t have to worry about scratching CD’s or transportingCD’s.”