Letter to the Editor

by the men of Kappa Theta Psi

As a member of Kappa Theta Psi fraternity I would like to thankJasmynne Sloan for the informative and fact-based reporting of ourrecent decision to move our fraternity. With many rumors makingtheir rounds about the how’s and why’s of the move, we were allpleased to see the accuracy with which the story was written.However in the Perspectives section of the same Feb. 5 issue theSimpsonian staff perpetuates those rumors and seems to take vague,un-fact-driven issue with our decision. This column is nothing butthoughtless page filler.

We at Kappa are all enthusiastic about the opportunities thismove will afford us. We wish to separate ourselves from the cookiecutter houses and fraternal ideals that make up Greek life here atSimpson College, this move will help us in achieving that goal. Asthe only non- nationally affiliated fraternity on campus we’vealways strived to stay away from the, “frat guy,” categorizationsthat seem to plague the larger organizations. In moving we hope toput a face to what distinguishes us from the other fraternities oncampus and in the end help people to identify the glaringdifferences that exist. As a local fraternity we are given a uniquefreedom to establish our house the way we decide, a flexibilitythat’s importance is not lost on any of our members.

The column written not only calls our fraternity’s motives forthe move into question but the College’s motives in allowing themove. The story tells the reader to, “Keep in mind Simpson isbenefiting from this move,” insinuating the possibility of somekind of shady back ally deal. The move will certainly benefit thecollege, creating much needed housing for incoming freshmen. We areat a loss for why something that benefits the college would beconstrued in such a negative way by the staff of the Simpsonian,especially when it is done without any other supporting facts.

Furthermore the column calls into question whether our move isgood for the Greek Community as a whole. To that question we havethis to say, what Greek Community? There are undeniableshortcomings in inter-fraternal relations here at Simpson, andthere have been since I’ve attended this college. To deny them isridiculous. These problems need desperate examination on the partof every House in our “community.” Without such examinations theentire Greek system may be in danger of extinction at this college.The fact is we didn’t take into account what the Greek Communitywould think about this decision because frankly we don’t care whatit thinks. This is a sound physical, financial and fundamental movefor our fraternity, and it will cement our organizations place atSimpson College for years to come.

In closing we would like to express disappointment in theeditorial staff for letting such an uneducated story to speak forthem as a whole, and hope in the future they will take care toestablish credible stances as a matter of good journalism.

Thank You, The Men of Kappa Theta Psi