Recycled Hollywood love plot proves dull

Recycled Hollywood love plot proves dull

by Becka Neary

The movie “Win a date with Tad Hamilton” strives for nothingmore than to be likable. Don’t get me wrong it can be likeable, butin small doses. Don’t be surprised if you’re left sitting therethinking, “I’ve seen this before,” you aren’t the only one.

“Win a date with Tad Hamilton” stars three good-looking leads,Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace and Josh Duhamel. The basic plot andstory line of the movie is a low profile girl falling for a highprofile guy while the girl’s best friend, and low profile guy, hasfallen for the girl.

Sound confusing? Believe me, after seeing it you will understandthat fancy phrases do not make a recycled movie better.

The low profile girl, Rosalee Futch (Bosworth) and the lowprofile guy, Pete Monash (Grace), start off as friends working at aPiggly Wiggly. They go to the movies together and, coincidentally,it was a dopey romance movie staring the jaw-dropping Tad Hamilton(Duhamel).

Rosalee and her bubbly best friend, Cathy (Ginnifer Goodwin),have ridiculously huge crushes on Tad, annoying not only Pete, butthe viewers as well.

Along comes a contest to win a date with Tad Hamilton. Rosaleeenters the contest and, much to the viewer’s surprise, she wins.She then flies out to California for the date.

Along with the previously introduced faces, Tad’s agent andmanager become familiar to the audience as well.

The bumbling duo, both named Richard Levy and played by NathanLane and Sean Hayes, annoy Tad to the point of leavingHollywood.

Tad flies to Rosalee’s podunk town in West Virginia to startfresh. Pete panics while he searches to figure out the best way toprofess his love to Rosalee. Eventually, Hamilton has to fly backto Hollywood to take a part in a high profile movie. Because Tadhas to leave, everything must come down to Rosalee’s decision toeither go to Hollywood with Tad or stay in West Virginia with thereal love of her life.

Aside from some charming moments from the cast and the fact thata star might be born in Duhamel, the movie plays like a recycledteenage romance flick.

I like to come out of a movie remembering something substantial.That doesn’t really happen here. More likely, you’ll walk outstaring at the marquees above every other theater door wondering ifmaybe you should have made a different movie choice.