He Said/She Said


Dear He Said/She Said,

My girlfriend and I have been sleeping in the same bed togetherfor sometime now and I have a problem. Everything starts out fineuntil she pulls the oldest trick in the book. She grabs the covers,tucks and rolls. This leaves me uncovered and freezing in themiddle of the night. This has got to STOP! What can be done toremedy this situation as soon as possible?

~ Heading Towards Hypothermia

He Said~

This one isn’t rocket science; heck, it’s not even regularscience. It

Might be, if there is such a thing, McScience. The simplestsolution to your dilemma is to keep an extra blanket by the bed.When Sleeping Beauty pulls her trademark move, cover up with yourreserve blanket. This will allow you to sleep the rest of the nightwith some coverage and will protect against your fearedhypothermia. For those of you thinking, “What if she tucks androlls with his second line of defense?” She most likely won’tun-tuck your original blanket, roll back over, tuck your secondaryblanket and roll away again. In the event that this unlikelyscenario occurs I suggest that you invest in some really warmpajamas, grow a thick coat of heat insulating body hair, or sleepin your own bed; without the Cover Monster.

Sweet Dreams,


She Said~

Okay, so let me get this straight… you’re in bed with a girland all you can do is complain about the covers? Is this some kindof trick question used to test the resident advice girl? I surelyhope so, but I’ll answer your perplexing question anyway-crank upthe heat (no real pun intended), or keep a spare blanket around.Either way you both win!

Also, remember that she’s probably sound asleep when she’spartaking in this tuck and roll action-she probably doesn’t evenknow she’s doing it. If you really need a corner of the blanket,snuggle up to your girlfriend and eventually she’ll let up on thecovers and cling to you. This ploy will help you steal back what isrightfully yours. Evil, yes-but it serves a double purpose; notonly will you regain the blankets that you seem to be so worriedabout, but you may also get a little late night action if you playyour cards right.

Good Luck, and in the future don’t sweat the situations thatothers may be longing to have!