Witzenberg a loved member of community

Witzenberg a loved member of community

by Rob Stewart

Kathy Witzenburg works in faculty services for the departmentsof Education and Social Sciences.

She began working at Simpson in 1987 and wasted no time becomingan integral and loved member of the faculty.

Her duties include helping education students stay on top oftheir teaching license requirements, helping faculty to organizeMay Term trips and performing all the necessary jobs to facilitatethe day to day workings of Wallace Hall.

Professor Fred Jones characterized Witzenburg as “essential tothe workings of Wallace Hall,” and “a pleasure to be around.”

This high praise does not only come from Witzenburg’scolleagues. When asked about Witzenburg, junior education majorSarah Meyer called her “a great person” and praised her for herwillingness to “help students with anything they need” and herability to “relate well with students”.

Kathy is married with three kids, and has a cat and dog.

When she is not hard at work at Simpson she spends her free timeat her vacation home on Lake Superior, visiting her three kids oneither coast or working on her home.

Take your next opportunity to stop by Wallace Hall and say helloto the newly acclaimed Flip Side Face…Kathy Witzenburg.