Stormy Nights brings special performer for weekend entertainment

by Becka Neary

Hyped by the Detroit News as “one of Detroit’s most promisingsinger-songwriters,” Tamara Bedricky, a finalist in the 2002National Pantene Pro-Voice competition, will be performing atSimpson on April 3.

Bedricky picked up the guitar at the age of 15 and was inspiredto develop her own melodies and lyrics modeled after Sheryl Crow,Duncan Sheik, Sting and Sarah Mc Lachlan. Due to the job demands ofher parents, her family frequently moved during her youth andBedricky turned to music for comfort and support.

“Playing solo gives me the freedom to create in the moment,”said Bedricky in a press release distributed by Think Press. “It isfun to be spontaneous on stage. The crowd seems to love it.”

Selected members of the Campus Activities Board attended NACAearlier this semester and were able to see Bedricky perform.

“We booked her earlier and when we went to the NationalAssociation for Campus Activities and saw her live this reaffirmedour decision on bringing her to Simpson,” said CAB President,sophomore Dan Carver.

Twenty-three year old Bedricky will be playing from her latestfive-song release.

“Many of my songs move away from current musical trends andhighlight what’s important- the marriage of music and lyrics,” saidBedricky.

Her lyrics deal with a collection of emotions includingheartache, love, life and detachment.

“I like this type of music,” said freshman Jessica Harvey afterlistening to Bedricky’s latest release. “The lyrics are easy tounderstand and they have a powerful message.”

Bedricky plays solo, which helped her to define an individualrhythm and style.

“I try to bend the traditional rules of a singer-songwriter andlike to take my music to the next level,” said Bedricky, “SometimesI’ll even add guitar effect into my set.”

The common agreement among students is that Bedricky will be adifferent voice and a positive change for the campus.

“It has been awhile since we have had a female singer on campusand she is a great artist to break this lull” said Carver.

Freshman Rachel LeValley feels that Bedricky would be differentand a good change for the Simpson crowd and is looking forward toseeing her live.

Bedricky will be playing in the BSC gallery on Saturday, April 3in conjunction with Stormy Nights.