Under new management: Stairs takes over at Sodexho


by Sara Heim

To provide better choices for students, the Storm Street Grilland Pfeiffer Dinning Hall have had a few changed their set-ups aswell as their menus.

Blair Stairs, general manager of Sodexho campus services, is incharge of these improvements in both dining areas.

When he was appointed to his new position, Stairs was unsure ofwhat adjustments should be made. To solve this problem, Stairs metwith the student development staff to get input on what should bedone.

“Students will be seeing new and different things this year,”Stairs said. “With the new changes I hope to have double thenumbers that we are serving now.”

An addition to the Grill this year is the opportunity totransfer an entire meal from Pfeiffer to the Grill.

“We are offering several bundle items which will be consideredequivalent to one meal on the meal plan,” Stairs said.

Meals include options such as a one-topping pizzas,grilled-cheese sandwiches, hamburgers and sub sandwiches.

“You can get all the pop you want for $2.50, plus a cheeseburgerand fries, sophomore Zach Leiser said. “You can’t go wrong withthat. It’s like going to McDonald’s without driving.”

A new menu is also in place for the Storm Express line. Specificitems wil be featured each day. There will be a taco bar onMondays, a baked potato bar on Tuesdays, a pasta bar on Wednesdaysand an oriental bar on Thursdays.

In addition to the changes at the Grill, Pfeiffer willexperiment with new dining options.

While the menu for the Pfeiffer Express line will be similar tolast year’s, a side salad will be added to the usual sandwich, bagof chips and dessert package.

“We have someone that makes the sandwiches right there forPfeiffer Express to cater to the needs of students,” Stairssaid.

Pfeiffer Express will continue changing throughout the course ofthe year.

“We want to see the Pfeiffer Express better utilized,” Stairssaid. “There is definitely room for growth there.”

Inside Pfeiffer, there will be new items on the menu at thegrill, pizza, international, and classics stations.

So far all of the additions have earned positive reviews, butany change suggested by members of the Simpson community will betaken into consideration.

In fact, Stairs emphasized how important students’ opinions arein improving the quality of the Storm Street Grill and PfeifferDinning Hall.

“Feedback is the only way that I know how we are doing,” Stairssaid. “I have an open door policy. If there is anything on anyone’smind about dining operations, I will listen and we will go fromthere.”