Letter to the editor

Dear Editor: I am writing to voice my alarm at themisinformation put forth by some on-campus groups soliciting voterregistration, namely the New Voters Project.

If a student has registered to vote at their Simpson address,that student is now registered in Indianola, and not theirhometown.

Absentee ballots were mailed Sept. 23 and are in the Simpsonmailboxes. Do not throw your ballot away. That ballot is thestudent’s only way to vote. Fill out the ballot and mail it back byNov. 1.

If a student is registered in Indianola, they have a verydifferent ballot than their hometowns. The Presidential andSenatorial races are likely to be the only similarity. Also, pleaseread up on the important gambling issue on the ballot thisyear.

Students do not need to wait until election day to vote. UntilOct. 23, any student may register at the County Courthouse and voteimmediately on the Warren County ballot if they have not yetrequested an absentee ballot.

I have incredible respect for the NVP and its staff, and most ofall the understanding that we are all in this democracy thingtogether.

Nathan Arentsen

Warren County Chair, America Coming Together