Southridge stays strong despite competition


by byMallory Higgins

Many students have jobs so they can earn what college studentsare notoriously short on: cash.

Des Moines is a popular place for Simpson students to get jobs.Two popular places to work are Southridge Mall and the new JordanCreek Town Center.

Senior Amanda Springer works at Gap at Southridge.

“I like working at Southridge because it’s so close to campus,”Springer said. “I like only having to drive ten minutes to get towork.”

Springer also said that with Jordan Creek opening, she has notseen a decrease in customers.

“The number of customers that come to Gap has stayed the samebecause there’s not a Gap at Jordan Creek,” Springer said. “I alsothink that Southridge has a lot of loyal customers and withSouthridge being so close to campus a lot of students will go thereto get something to wear to work or to just look around.”

Springer also said that despite rumors of Gap going to JordanCreek, Gap Inc. has no plans to open a store there in the nearfuture.

“Even if there was a Gap at Jordan Creek, I would not work therebecause I really like the laid-back feel of Southridge,” Springersaid.

Junior Tony Warnke works at Abercrombie and Fitch at JordanCreek. Warnke said business has really died down since Jordan Creekfirst opened.

“I think the newness of Jordan Creek has worn off,” Warnke said.”It is not busy at all during the week.”

According to Warnke, the drive to Jordan Creek is worth it.

“I actually only work at Abercrombie and Fitch once a week,”Warnke said. “I have another job and I am just keeping my job atAbercrombie for the discount, so driving there is not aproblem.”

Warnke said that other than discounts, he likes to work atJordan Creek because he meets a lot of people.

“There are a lot of people my age working at Jordan Creek thatgo to Iowa State,” Warnke said. “It’s cool getting to know studentsfrom a school other than Simpson.”

Jordan Creek is not the mall that Warnke expected.

“I am actually a little disappointed at how Jordan Creek isright now,” Warnke said. “I thought the reason to have Jordan Creekwas bring more high class stores to Iowa but it really didn’t.There are lots more stores for women but not for me. I wish therewas a Nordstrom’s there.”

Even though Jordan Creek is not all Warnke expected, he saidthat a new store is opening every week until Christmas.

“I guess that the full affect of the mall will be felt when itis completely finished,” Warnke said.