Virtual dance-off draws steady stream of steppers

by Ashley Pitkin

Songs often follow prayer, but not often are those songs techno-mixes by Kylie Minogue. This was the case, however, at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’s Dance Dance Revolution contest held in the Brenton Student Center last Tuesday night.

“We just wanted to do something like this because it’s fun and it’s a good way to get people active and out of their dorm rooms,” said FCA member (year) Amanda VanFosson.

VanFosson has been a member of FCA since she was in high school. Now, as a sophomore in college, she works alongside other student members, trying to organize activities in which the whole campus can get involved in – such as Dance Dance Revolution.

“FCA events, like this one, are for everyone, not just Christians and not just athletes,” VanFosson said. “FCA is all about creating an environment where students can come and be themselves.”

Before the dance contest got underway, members of FCA talked to participants about Christianity, focusing mainly on how to be kind to fellow students. After the discussion ended the music blasted and the contest began. First to battle it out on the floor was senior Lindsey Smith and sophomore Marcus Yeum.

“I had no idea what I was getting into – it was my first time,” Smith said. “It really highlighted my lack of coordination and reminded of when I was little and completely ruined my dance recital – it was fun to get out and socialize, though.”

As seen in arcades, Dance Dance Revolution is a video game where two people battle each other in a dance off. The object of the game is to earn points by following directions given on the screen.

Dance Dance Revolution can also be purchased for home use.

“I got this game last year around Thanksgiving.” Yeum said. “My friend had told me to buy it, so when I got the cash I did.”

Unlike Smith, Yeum had played Dance Dance Revolution many times and wasn’t out to just socialize, though he did say he was having fun meeting people. Yeum was shaking his tail feather for the $25 gift certificate to Best Buy – FCA’s prize for winning the contest.

“Tonight’s been pretty neat, I might even join FCA,” Yeum said. “I don’t know though, it’d be nice to win a prize too.”

FCA’s Dance Dance Revolution contest, according to both Smith and Yeum, was a hit. People showed up steadily throughout the night – some came to participate while others just came to munch on snacks and watch.

Vanfosson and other members of FCA, say that’s exactly how an FCA function is supposed to work.

“It’s sort of like gym class, you don’t have to be sporty – you don’t even have to participate really,” VanFosson said. “Well I guess that’s not really gym class cause you do have to participate usually, but it’s still a lot of fun.”