Where praise is due

by Our View

While students moan and groan over the mandatory LAS volunteering, Campus Day activities or the dreaded philanthropy event, some Simpson students willingly give their time, efforts and love when they volunteer at Breakfast Club.

These students rise prior to 6 a.m. and spend a morning with energetic, inner-city children. They give up a few hours each week to influence the lives of those less fortunate. In a society where many actions are self-centered, Breakfast Club volunteers remind us of the importance of mentoring, coaching and just giving attention.

Everyone is “busy.” Yet these students still find time to continually give back to the community in a non-mandatory setting. These dedicated students deserve praise for their continued efforts.

Giving back is important for any community – it fosters the growth, commitment and character for both the community and its residents. We all enjoy this community, and we should remember that it thrives on volunteers.

It is vital that students continue bringing smiles to the faces of these children and it’s equally important they get the recognition and praise they deserve.