Letters to the Editor

Column furthers stereotype

I am writing in regards to an article that appeared in the January 27th edition of The Simpsonian titled, “Studying abroad proves more educational than classroom learning for student.” While I agree with the article’s point I find it hard to see where the sentence, “You’ll be broke and pregnant before you know it,” fits into this article. Is this not assuming that only women face financial hardships during post-collegiate years and for that matter, that only women are reading The Simpsonian? Furthermore, many women may go on to start families, or already have while attending college, and to assume this somehow places them in a subordinate position that will result in being penniless is rude and incorrect. This seemingly insignificant comment perpetuates yet another stereotype that categorizes all women. Shouldn’t The Simp be more than just myths?

Molly Bartusch


Thanks are in order

The Residents of the Indianola Good Samaritan Center would like to thank the Simpson First Year Council and Simpson faculty and staff members for bringing gifts to us this past holiday season. Your kindness and generosity were greatly appreciated by all of us. You selected gifts that we could use. We would also like to thank the Tri Delta Sorority members for coming and helping decorate our center for the holidays. We enjoyed looking at these festive decorations every day. Please know that sharing your time and talents made our holiday time extra special.

Residents of Indianola Good Samartian Center