FlipSide Face


by Mindy Marks

By this time next year sophomore Katelyn Finn may be a Christian singing sensation.

Despite her busy schedule, filled with Revive bible study, an accountability group and Genesis drama troupe, Finn hopes to release a CD in the next year.

This former music major combined her love of music with her passion for religion, her current major.

“Music is calming and brings peace in a crappy time,” said Finn. “I like more acoustic and mellow music. My songs are a reflection of my life and relationship with God.”

Finn writes her own songs. She’s hoping to incorporate some of her own guitar music.

She’s still learning to play acoustic and electric guitar, but she has help. Her brother is the lead singer and guitarist in a local band Gateway to Damascus and will help her develop her guitar skills and record the CD.

Finn is still developing her marketing strategy, but hopes to start by performing at churches. Ultimately, she would like to perform each song and then talk about the message it conveys.

Finn’s uncertain about the path she will follow.

She’s contemplating attending seminary school, but is open to suggestions.

“I believe God calls everyone to further his kingdom, so if he wants me to tour than I will, but if not that’s O.K. too,” Finn said.