Letter to the Editor

I would like to respond to the article, “First aid not always there for some groups” in the March 24 edition of The Simpsonian. There were a number of discrepancies in the article. The writer, Scott Schleisman, did not bother to contact the Program Director of Athletic Training for an accurate account.

While it is true that cheerleading is not an ‘official’ sanctioned Division III or Iowa Conference sport, the cheerleaders here at Simpson are more than welcome to come into the training room to be evaluated and treated. We have provided this service to our cheerleaders in the past and will continue to do so. Our cheerleaders do an outstanding job and we are happy to address any needs or concerns they may have. However since they are not sanctioned, the Physical Education Department dictates that we cannot be there for practices. The athletic-training program here is a nationally accredited educational program, not a service-oriented entity.

The article also indicated that Coe treats cheerleading like a sanctioned sport. In speaking with their Program Director of Athletic Training, he explained to me that they treat cheerleading exactly like Simpson does.

My students all know that if a cheerleader or intramural athlete needs something, we will provide them with first aid and recommendations, even though this is not required of us. I do feel the Athletic Training Program and its students were misrepresented in this article, and the facts should have been examined a little more closely.

Mike Hadden

Program Director of Athletic Training

Haffar thanked for hard work

On the behalf of the Simpson community, I would like to thank coach Aziz Haffar for all his years of dedicated service. Ten years ago, coach Haffar started building the soccer programs at Simpson. Through hard work and dedication, Haffar quickly fielded teams that were and still are very competitive.

What makes this accomplishment so special is that Haffar built two successful programs with very little support. It was Haffar alone spending all those hours with both teams on the practice field. It was Haffar alone spending countless hours on the road and on the phone convincing student-athletes to join his program. It was Haffar who was always there for his players as a friend both on and off the field. It is Haffar’s win-loss record that speaks for itself.

Aziz, I would like to personally thank you for the opportunity I have had watching exciting soccer the past 10 years. Your 10 years of work have been dedicated to the well-being of your student-athletes and epitomizes what coaching at a liberal arts institution has come to mean. Rick L. Spellerberg

Chair of Mathematics