Equipment room workers don’t mind airing dirty laundry

Equipment room workers dont mind airing dirty laundry

by Stacy Owens

 Dirty LaundrySweat. Jockstraps. Dirt. These are words most would associate with the equipment room, and most would agree it would be a terrible work-study job. The truth is, according the equipment room employees, it really isn’t “that bad” of a job.

“Working in the equipment room is not that bad,” senior Jerod Brown said. “It’s not a tough job and it is not as bad as it sounds.”

Sticking your hands into dirty laundry – not your own – does not appeal to anyone though.

“The worst part of the job is putting your two hands into the athlete’s dirty, sweaty laundry,” senior Zach Riesselman said.

Working in the equipment room is more than just doing laundry.

“In the equipment room we have to wash laundry, put it away, wash uniforms and take care of anything else that needs to be done,” Riesselman said.

Equipment Room Manager Rick Schweitzberger has been in charge of the equipment room for two years and thinks working in the equipment room is a great work-study job for students.

“The students get a good chance to work around their own schedule,” Schweitzberger said. “They get to start a load of laundry and then have 35 minutes in between loads to do homework or whatever they would like.”

The equipment room employees do approximately 15-20 loads of laundry every day, and have lots of free time in between.

“You can do homework or watch TV while you’re waiting for the laundry to get done,” Riesselman said.

The equipment room is swamped with laundry from more than 250 athletes during the fall and early winter season.

“It’s really bad now during the fall and early winter because you have a lot of laundry with football, volleyball, cross country, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball and wrestling,” Riesselman said.

Working in the equipment room during the busy fall season can lead to many late nights.

“We usually work at night after 6 until close, which is when everything is done,” Riesselman said. “Some nights it’s 9:00 and it can be as late as 12:30.”

Riesselman has turned his work-study job in the equipment room into an internship.

“I travel with the football team and take care of things,” Riesselman said. “I make sure everything is set up for home and away games and I receive three credits. It is considered an internship for my athletic administration major.”