Student-body president, faculty begin search for new academic dean

by Carrie Myers

The search is on for a new vice president and academic dean at Simpson College.

Bruce Haddox, who has been with the college since 1969 and dean of academic affairs since 1996 is retiring, and a committee is in the process of looking for a replacement.

An advertisement placed in the “Chronicle of Higher Education” said the college is looking for someone who can develop and empower faculty to become excellent teachers, advisers and campus leaders, facilitate change and build upon the college’s strong tradition of excellence, be an experienced professional with a successful record of classroom teaching and someone who is a strategic thinker who can help the college build upon its strengths and respond to challenges.

President John Byrd, chair of the committee, said the deadline for applications is Dec. 1.

“We’ll review and evaluate the applications, interview in mid January and hope to have an offer ready by late January to early February,” Byrd said.

Members of the committee selecting the new academic dean are John Epperson, professor of political science; Jennifer Ross Nostrala, professor of theater; Carol Richardson, assistant professor of education; Pat Singer, professor of biology; Ron Warnet, professor of chemistry; David Wolfe, assistant professor of English; Jim Thorius, vice president for student development and Dan Carver, senior and student body president.

According to Nostrala, the committee met twice to create and edit the advertisement.

“We want to move quickly and make sure we’re early enough in the process so the pool of applicants doesn’t dwindle,” Nostrala said.

Carver’s role in the committee is to make sure students’ needs are met.

“I’m there on behalf of the students, but since faculty members have more interaction with the dean, they have really more investment in it,” Carver said.