Staff members share personal stories, deserve praise

It takes courage to openly discuss your shortcomings.

This kind of bravery can be found in Jan Everhart, director of the Lilly Initiative for Vocational Exploration; groundskeeper Drew Mathies; and Justin Nostrala, assistant professor of art.

As a part of Alcohol Awareness Month, these three Simpson employees took part in an open-panel discussion with other faculty on Oct. 16 to address their personal experiences with alcohol. For this, they deserve our respect.

Speaking out in this fashion is helpful to all of us because it sheds light on a serious issue everyone can relate to.

On a campus where a popular weekend activity is indulging in alcohol, Everhart, Nostrala and Mathies are addressing perhaps the most important issue we as students have to deal with.

The fact that Everhart chose to discuss her experiences with alcohol does not usurp her authority at all. It won’t make Mathies less liked by his coworkers. Nostrala won’t be mocked by his students for it. Rather, it serves to humanize these three people in a way that allows for clearer channels of dialogue between them and students.

Discussing the issue of alcoholism with college students is particularly effective because many people cultivate a life-long problem with alcohol beginning in this stage of life. If these three people are able to make one student take a look at his or her drinking habits, they deserve all the more praise.