Simply Stated


Professors of all people, and Simpson as an academic institution, should know that learning is a lifelong process. Why then do most professors handle the audio/visual equipment (during class time mind you) with the same level of novice as a male virgin unhitching a bra.


Do you ever feel that the Simpson squirrels are secretly plotting against us? Everyone seems to think they’re cuddly and cute…but that’s just what they want you to think!!! Watch out of the corner of your eyes for the bushy tails!!! The end is near!!!


I’m really angry that Susanne Gubanc is being fired. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. It’s true she has an off the wall teaching style but it works. She was the one who helped me decide that Communications was the major for me, she is an amazing teacher and this is a horrible injustice and everyone should do something about it!


Cowles events staff


Now that Simply Stated is back I can finally get this off my chest: Simpson Women’s Basketball team you are number one in the conference, but first and foremost you are number one in my heart!!! You rock my world!

-Proud to know you

Forcing students to have a meal plan because they live on campus is just another way Simpson screws students out of more money…

-8 Dollars A Meal

I agree with 8 Dollars A Meal. Forcing students to have a meal plan is not fair. Eating Pfeiffer food makes me sick, so I buy my own food to eat. Yet I still have to spends thousands of dollars on food I don’t eat?!?! Enough is enough!

-Fed up

Great. I can’t wait to post useless feedback about useless things annonymously and get into pointless fights with other annonymous people about useless things.