Our View – Diversity

by Editors

Every year Simpson attempts to diversify the campus and sometimes these attempts go completely unnoticed by students. Other times, it feels like a mini-success when more than five students attend an event which has the purpose of bringing diversity to the forefront.

Recently there have been a few campus-sponsored events that have had decent turnouts, the Drag Show and the End the Isms March.

Many students showed up at the annual LGBTQA Drag Show to watch their fellow peers perform as the opposite sex to the sounds of Shania Twain or John Travolta. Instructors did not require students to attend this event and it still had a good turnout. To most, this would be considered a success.

The End the Isms March, however, was a requirement for many students, and while some did show up on their own, it was not a choice for many. If students are forced to attend, does it really fulfill the purpose of the event? Is any attendance considered a win?

Apathy runs rampant on this campus. How many students show up to a Forum event without grabbing a forum card for credit instead of just going for his or her own benefit? Must we provide food or a basketball player in a short skirt to guarantee a decent turnout?

Food, cheap entertainment and force are all temporary solutions to Simpson’s diversity problem, but in order for it to be successful, students need to stop going for free One Stop tacos and go for their own cultural education.