A day in the life of…Allan Appenzeller


by Kelly DrobacLifestyles Editor

Allan Appenzeller, director of Information Services, is a busy man, helping make sure the computers and printers on campus are running smoothly and ordering any new hardware or software the college might need.

When not in his office and on his computer, Appenzeller also has a love for hot air ballooning.

“I got my pilot license in 2004,” Appenzeller said. “I have been a pilot for three years now.”

8 a.m. – Arrives in office, checks e-mail and makes sure all crucial systems are up and running

9:00 – Troubleshoots any problems students have with their computers. He takes off any spyware they might have so they can get connected to the network again

10:00 – Meets with his team to talk about any issues and goes over day plan

11:00 – Writes out any order forms for new hardware or software the college or faculty need

12 p.m. – Calls any students who have not been switched over to the new e-mail system

1:00 – Lunch

2:00 – Goes to any meetings he has or any appointments he sets up with students

3:00 – Runs a training session for any faculty to help them navigate around the new e-mail system

4:00 – Fixes any last minute problems

5:00 – Goes home for the day