Intramurals adds new events to schedule

by Jessie ErnstStaff Writer

Intramurals, one of the most popular activities on Simpson’s campus, has come up with some new competitions for students.

Trench and Kinball are just a couple of the newer innovative intramurals at Simpson.

Kinball was introduced last year as an international sport played with a pink ball four feet in diameter.

Trench is being introduced this semester, and is very similar to dodge ball with the added bonus of bringing teammates back in to the game by throwing the ball into the trench area. One set of Trench will be played this fall and another this spring.

These two aren’t the only intramurals being added to bring students in.

“We are adding many new intramurals this year,” said Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities. “I hope that it adds some new interest.”

Some of the new intramurals this year will be:

– tetherball

– hockey

– swimming

– relay races

– water volleyball

“Hopefully these new intramurals will catch a different group of people,” Darling said. “It’s always good to add new variety.”

Even with new additions to the lineup, the traditional intramurals are around and are still very popular.

“I work during the intramural games and keep score for the teams,” sophomore Kelsey Ubben said. “I think the most popular intramurals I have worked at are flag football, volleyball and basketball.”

Darling agrees the traditional sports are keeping students’ interest in intramurals.

“We have a running standing of 65 percent of the student population participating,” Darling said. “We just try to add different things for those who aren’t participating.”

Reed Weston, a member of the Intramural Council and an avid participant in the program, agrees the new intramurals are a benefit.

“I like how the program incorporates a variety of sports to increase student interest,” Weston said.

One main point of the program is to get more students to participate in intramurals.

“From a worker standpoint, I think the overall goal is to increase participation,” Weston said. “Some who don’t already participate might find the opportunity in the new intramurals; it will hopefully get more people involved and make for a better program.”

Looking at the amount of participation from students now, the program seems to be accomplishing its goal. Darling adds new goals for the program that go further than to just bring in the people.

“I would say intramurals is an opportunity for students to have something to do; it’s an event to get involved with all levels of students,” Darling said. “We push that participating in an intramurals is a fun social opportunity and another way to stay active.”

Participants can see these goals working as they watch and participate in the intramurals.

“They’re a fun thing for students,” Ubben said. “It’s a relief from studying and allows people to meet different students they aren’t normally around.”

Weston agrees that the intramurals provide great opportunities for students.

“I definitely like the aspect that intramurals have a social atmosphere,” Weston said. “It’s great to get together with groups of friends to actively participate in something I enjoy.”

Overall, intramurals at Simpson have provided many fun opportunities for students to stay active and participants really enjoy them.

“I’d say the league events are my favorite,” Weston said. “They get pretty competitive and last more than one day.”

With almost 70 different intramurals scheduled, Simpson students are almost sure to find something they are interested in. And as Darling and Weston agree, intramurals are a great way to have fun and stay active on campus.